Medical Instrument Sharpening

Worn surgical instruments are often prohibitively expensive to replace, but the vast majority of these tools can be sharpened at a fraction of that cost. Whether you’re part of a veterinary facility, civilian or governmental clinic or hospital, dental surgical center, or other surgical center, we can help. The Sharpist’s medical instrument sharpening service takes place either same day onsite in the Denver area, or by mail with a 1-2 day turnaround. Here are a few examples of our surgical sharpening work.

Medical sharpening service includes sharpening, alignment, and tension adjustment (if applicable) for

  • Precision and specialty surgical scissors – $8-$12 depending on type and condition
  • Bandage scissors – $8
  • Dental elevators – $8-$10
  • Other surgical – $6-$12 depending on type and condition

Surgical instrument sharpening is extraordinarily delicate work, and we understand that it’s not always clear to technicians when gathering instruments whether they can or should be sharpened. We make that part easy: it is the policy of The Sharpist that any surgical instruments that cannot be sharpened will be returned free of charge, so it does not hurt to include even questionable items with your order.

We also provide, on request, a service summary after your surgical sharpening order is complete, including 60X magnified before and after photos of your surgical instruments, for educational purposes.

To schedule onsite surgical instrument sharpening service, use the contact page on this site, email, or call 719-201-4570.

If shipping, please print and complete the order form above and include it with your shipment. We will be in touch with a quote as soon as your order is received.


When shipping your surgical instrument sharpening order, send sterilized instruments only, and include enough packing material to reduce shifting in transit. Do purchase postal insurance for your order, and we will do the same on the return shipment. Use this shipping address:

The Sharpist LLC

1275 Trenton Street

Denver, Colorado 80220