Welcome to The Sharpist

Sharpening for surgical instruments, top quality salon shear sharpening, and culinary knife sharpening are our specialties.

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It is our pleasure to serve YOU. The Sharpist has earned the trust of a wide variety of Denver sharpening customers including medical, veterinary, and research facilities who wish to keep their surgical instruments in top form, salons and barbers needing to keep scissors and shears cutting smoothly, commercial kitchens, restaurants, butcher shops, HOAs and neighborhood associations, etc. needing regular knife sharpening, and even residential customers needing annual or biannual curbside mobile sharpening service at home. Every job is different and every client receives individual care. Drop us a line!

The Sharpist is a state of the art mobile surgical, commercial, and residential sharpener. We offer contact-free curbside service at Denver area address by appointment. We require a 20-pc minimum for mobile calls. If you have that many, great! Customers unable to gather that many knives, shears, and other tools from their own collection will often link up with a neighbor, friend, or relative to batch work and meet that minimum. Feel free to get in touch for details.

Our friends at Peke Safety keep The Sharpist’s airways safe through the generous provision of JSP Powercap Active Respirators. Check them out at https://pekesafety.com/


During the season from May-October, the Sharpist also offers onsite, same-day sharpening service at two bustling Denver area farmers markets:

No appointment is necessary at markets — service is first come, first served, and turnaround for orders is generally less than 60 minutes. If you have any questions about how sharpening at markets works, shoot us a message.

We take health and safety seriously at The Sharpist. We are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Our surgical instrument, knife, and scissor sharpening equipment is sanitized between orders, and we keep physical customer contact to a minimum. This is nothing new — that’s the way we’ve always done it.

Keep an ear out for our radio spot! The Sharpist is a proud supporter of NPR and Colorado Public Radio, 90.1 FM.

Questions are welcome at coloradosharpist@gmail.com, 719-201-4570, or by using the contact form on this page. Replies are made promptly.


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