Welcome to The Sharpist. Sharpening for surgical instruments, quality salon shear sharpening, and culinary knife sharpening are our specialties.

COVID-19 UPDATE: The Sharpist has been vaccinated. We will continue to operate in the same masked, sanitized, and socially distanced way we have been. This is our new normal.

The Sharpist is a state of the art mobile surgical instrument, salon shear, commercial blade, and residential knife sharpener. We offer contact-free curbside service at Denver area address by appointment. Whether you’re a home, restaurant, surgical facility, salon, barber, neighborhood, HOA or other organization, we are happy to arrange a sharpening visit for you. We just require a 20-pc minimum for mobile calls. If you have that many, great! Customers unable to gather that many knives, shears, and other tools from their own collection will often link up with a neighbor, friend, or relative to batch work and meet that minimum. Feel free to get in touch for details.


In general:

Our utmost specialty is surgical instrument sharpening. More information on that can be found in the Medical Instrument Sharpening section of this site.
Knife sharpening is $1 per inch with a $5 per-item minimum.
Salon and barber shear sharpening is $25 per pair, plus repairs if any are needed.
Other scissor and shear sharpening is $5-$25 depending on type and condition.
Yard tools cost $5-15 to sharpen depending on type and condition.
Repairs add a few dollars apiece, depending on severity.

Mobile appointments are available throughout the week for veterinary and medical surgical instrument sharpening, salon and barber shear sharpening, commercial kitchen knife sharpening, residential curbside knife and tool sharpening, and more. Questions encouraged! Drop a line, let us know what you are needing, and we’ll be in touch with more details.

Call or text Devin James Fry at 719-201-4570, email, or get in touch using this form. Replies are made promptly.