About Me

My name is Devin James Fry. I love the calm of my wheels and my stones. I’ve spent more than thirteen years as a professional surgical instrument, veterinary, and culinary sharpener refining my skills via training, seminars, theoretical discussion with other professionals in the field, and practice, practice, practice.

I find it deeply gratifying to engage in, and offer my customers the fruits of, this unalienated labor. My intent is to support myself and my family in the most ethical way I know how, to deal plainly and amiably with my customers, and through it all, to become the absolute best sharpener I can be. These goals are never far from my mind.

I learned the basics of sharpening as a teenager in Cañon City, Colorado. I spent eleven years in Austin, Texas playing music by night and refining my sharpening skills by day. Slowly and surely I gained trust from clients there, until at the time of my move to Denver in early 2020, I had long been the highest rated sharpener in central Texas. I also still make music, which I encourage you to check out on Spotify or elsewhere. My most recent album, Radicans, is the result of an eye-opening collaboration I’ve been able to embark on with Palestinian oud master Sari Andoni. 

Now I am pleased to offer my sharpening services in Denver. I make a great effort to come to an understanding with every single person for whom I work. The relationship between sharpener and client has to be one of earned trust.

I’m grateful for testimony:

I highly recommend the Colorado Sharpist.
I have been a practicing veterinarian for 56 years, 45 of them as a board certified veterinary dentist, performing root canal therapy and oral surgery on dogs and cats for a living and donating my time to lions, tigers, and bears ‘Oh My’ throughout the United States. My dental team and our surgical team at VCA Highlands Ranch Animal Specialty and Emergency Center have used the Colorado Sharpist to keep us the sharpest. His state of the art van and curbside service are of the highest quality and his skills in revitalizing surgical equipment are extremely fine. Knives, axes and surgical instruments have been an important part of my life for more than 60 years and this man has a fine touch and intense desire to deliver the highest of quality service.
Dr. Ed Eisner, March 2020

Visit Devin and get your knives sharpened by a true craftsman at a great price.
Zach M.

He even re-edged a blade that was nicked and chipped to restore it its brand new look. Craftsmen like Devin are rare. Have him restore your blades to their proper cutting glory.
Jon C.

Our knives were sharpened to perfection…probably sharper than when originally purchased!
Isaac C.

Right now I am in safe sharp knife heaven.
Lansing B.

I’m now sitting in my kitchen laughing while slicing through potatoes with ease.  It doesn’t hurt that he’s a really nice dude too, and seems to really care about his craft and customer.
Martin B.

Sharpist at Work

Photos by R. Tomas Gonzales. Check him out at http://www.rtgonzalez.com.